Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1, 2010

I was a little tardy in downloading my pictures onto the computer. Here's a few to look at.

Adam, Leah, Lise and the grandchildren as we're getting ready to leave Chilliwack
local artist at the campground in St. Regis, Montana carved these at various sites through the campground. Nice touch!
little bear doesn't seem too anxious being close to a human!
Today was our day to cross back into Canada so we were anxious to get an early start. We were packed and driving out of our camping spot by 7:30 am. We stopped to fill up with diesel before we crossed the border. The crossing was pretty uneventful - which is always a blessing. No lineup and two minutes after speaking to the customs official we were on our way - first stop Tim Horton's (of course).
Last night we had decided on a destination and possible campground for our end of day stopover. Morning Mist Campground near Deep River was scheduled to open on May 1st so that was our goal. The traffic on Hwy 17 was pretty light and everybody was keeping reasonably within the speed limits.
At lunch time we decided to look for a Tim Horton's in Sudbury. The GPS provided directions but the one it found for us was just a car drive-through and we wanted to sit down and have soup and sandwich. We found another one but there was no place to park the rig nearby. We turned down a side road thinking we could go around the block and find a place to park. Wrong!! It was a dead end. We had to unhook the toad, find a place to turn the rig around, rehook and head back up the road. After all that we decided it wasn't worth trying to get to Timmy's anymore and had a home made sandwich in the rig instead - which we probably should have done in the first place. As well, Sudbury has always been a nuisance place to drive through regardless of what vehicle we're driving. I should know better by now. Next time I'm staying on the bypass!
Anyway the campground we wanted was open and we had no trouble getting in and hooking up and getting our satellite dish up and running. One more day of travel and we will be home. Yaay.. I think it is about 300 kilometres (about 175 miles). We'll sure be glad to stay in one place for a while - at least until we start getting the itch to travel again :-)


Sandra said...

Welcome home!

Cross Country Adventures said...

Thanks for the welcome Sandra. It is good to be home again. Hope you had a good winter.

Dave and Lise