Wednesday, June 10, 2009

May 12 to June 10, 2009

We haven't had much opportunity to update people on our activities lately. Since we have arrived back in the Ottawa area it has been like coming home and we've spent a lot of time with family. So, it is a fairly predictable routine and probably not worth writing about. I'll still try to give updates, just not as frequent. When it is time to head back south I'm sure we'll have more to write about :-)

We did go biking along the NCC Parkway early in May, in one of the few days with nice enough weather to really appreciate the experience. This is a picture along the trail, with the River in the background.

We thought it would be fun to take our grandson out on a geocaching experience. The weather wasn't the best but we dressed warmly, even wearing gloves to keep our hands warm - that was about the middle of May! Anyway, he really enjoyed himself. We travelled around to three or four caches and found every one. I'm sure we'll do that again before the summer is out.
Liam was responsible for the camera and carrying the GPS
Last week we drove our bikes along the path next to the Rideau River. We ended up at its confluence with the Ottawa River, just down the street from the Prime Minister's residence and the residence of the Governor General of Canada. The plaque in the picture is a three-dimensional representation of the Rideau and Ottawa River and nearby buildings, including the Parliament buildings. All in all it was a nice ride, about 14 miles round trip (from where we left the car). This is the same bicycle path that Lise used to travel on with her bicycle when she was a teenager. Must have brought back memories.
We moved from one site to another in the campground a couple of weeks ago. We weren't getting a very good TV signal on our satellite dish and we couldn't go knocking down trees. The site we are in now has perfect southern exposure for signal reception but is not as long and our motorhome barely fits on it. But we like it and the other day we built, with the help of friends and neighbours in the park, a floating deck 8' x 16' so we wouldn't have to have our chairs and bar-b-que on the grass. Since we expect to be coming back here every year we thought it was a good investment. It was fun to do too, since I haven't done much building and my friends in the park helped make it an enjoyable experience. My back is still sore though from all that bending over. We built it in two 8x8 sections and then fastened them together so that, if we ever decide to find a different site we can either move the deck with us, or sell it.